About Us



    Mineralandart First started the business in 2007 ... started excavation in sagaranten sukabumi digging onyx type stones with the popular name of soap stone which is the market segment for this stone is china.S Along with the rapid growth of technology we penetrated outside the island to look for new variants .Many types of stones in Sukabumi such as Purple Agate, Jasper, Petrifiedwood, Chrystal Quartz, Layer Jasper etc, but the market share requires other materials. For that we did a search to the island of Sulawesi in 2015. Together we found a new variant namely stone the type of Agate that local people call the manakarra stone with the popular language now is grape purple agate. With very much demand we send various types of stones to the Tucson show, the Denver Show, the Munich show and else. In addition to selling raw materials we also sell goods ready wear like cabochon, earring pair, pendant, wand massage, pyramid, sphere, tumbled ect.